Suicide Dream Interpretation

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What does it mean if you commit suicide? What does it mean to dream about someone else committing suicide? Suicide in the dream is interpreted as bad luck. You may encounter unexpected obstacles, make unintentional bad decisions, and leave others victimized. Here, we will talk about the dream interpretation of committing suicide in the text below.

Suicide Dream Meaning

Suicide in the dream is interpreted to increase the problems in your life and to get the news that will make you uncomfortable. Someone can put pressure on you and force you to do something. It is interpreted to increase the troubles and to be left in a difficult position by others. Seeing someone commit suicide is that someone will harm you, and what this person does will make you uneasy. There may be people who want to upset you and try to trick you. Although the advice from someone may seem good to you at first, there may be some bad intentions underneath. Seeing yourself while committing suicide means regretting decisions alone and feeling embarrassed. Also, others may be in trouble because of your own mistakes.

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Seeing Your Mother Suicide Dream Meaning

It means that a person you love so much will harm you soon. This person, you love as you do your child, will disappoint you.

Seeing Your Father Suicide

It indicates that you will experience financial abuse in the future. It means that when you feel financially safe, someone wants to use you financially, and put a burden on you. Or you may lend money to a friend you trust, but this friend of you will not pay his/her debt back, and it will ruin your financial situation.

Seeing Your Friend Suicide

A close friend may fail to keep the promises she/ he has made to you, or he may disclose your secrets. You may encounter unexpected difficulties that your friend you trust causes.

Seeing Your Sibling Suicide

It is interpreted as disagreement with your sibling because of other people around you. You may have difficulty understanding each other with your sibling on one issue.  Seeing your sibling suicide also is an indication of health problems which affect your life quality. Your sibling may have some problems.

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Seeing Someone Attempting Suicide

It is interpreted that you will be disappointed by the words you will hear and that your mood will deteriorate. You can hear things you don’t deserve. Saving someone who attempting suicide in a dream is an indication of overcoming difficulties, increasing fortunes, and returning bad luck. There will increase your chances in a moment, and you will feel more happy and peaceful. Also, causing someone’s suicide in the dream is interpreted as encountering some health problems and experiencing distress for some time.

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