Feet Dream Interpretation

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What do feet symbolize? What does it mean when you dream about washing your feet? In a dream, feet are representative of the last obstacle that must be overcome of the last move or work. The first organ in astrology is the head directed by Aries, and the last organ is the feet directed by Pisces. Therefore, dreams about feet are the representative of the last step we will take to close the old page to prepare for a new beginning or to open a new page in our lives. Let’s look at the dream meaning of feet.

Feet Dream Meaning

Feet are the organs of the human body that are instrumental in the mobility and change of space. Therefore, it is highly likely that people who have this dream can change their job, move from one house to another, travel to a place, or change places. Besides, feet are seen in the dream informs us about the ending of a process. For example, For the pregnant woman Is can be a time of delivery. The hands and feet of the double-created organs in our bodies are also representatives of twins. If you have twin siblings or twin children, you should interpret by focusing on how you see the dream. If a woman sees two hands or two feet in her dream, there is a possibility that she is pregnant with a twin baby.

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Dreams About Feet Cut Off

The journey of the person who this dream is canceled. If people who see this dream want to complete a process in their life, they must return to the beginning and try again by realizing their mistakes and not repeating them.

Seeing Your Feet Naked

Dreams about feet naked or without shoes indicate that no one is ready for a journey. There may be obstacles you will encounter when you finish a task. You will not end this work without solving these problems and paying attention to details. If a pregnant woman sees her feet naked in a dream, she should be ready for premature labor. Also, look at “Being Naked Dream Interpretation“.

Washing Your Feet

Washing your feet is an indication of preparations for a journey or the end of a job. It is good to clean dirty feet by washing. This dream points out that the last obstacles or problems in a job will be solved slowly. Washing your feet is also a preparation for a trip, a change of place, or relocation. The person who has this dream will travel soon.

Dreams About Dirty Feet

It indicates that a journey or work is canceled or postponed due to some problems. You may encounter some obstacles in a process, and you can only finish this process by eliminating those obstacles. Those who see their feet dirty in a dream can also get involved in some bad things and must save themselves from these things as soon as possible.

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Two Dream Interpretation

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Seeing Only One Foot

There is a problem or obstacles in the life of the person who sees that she or he has one foot in the dream. You may need to have one simple thing to finish the task. If you find it, you will be on your way to great success. For some, this dream is about the possibility of the death of a loved one or the miscarriage of a pregnant woman

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