Seerah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Seerah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

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Seerah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Seerah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Seerah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Seerah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Seerah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Seerah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

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August 04, 2023
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More About Seerah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺlication

Learn about the Life of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, from the day he ﷺ was born until the day he ﷺ died, Arab’s prior history, lessons from events, quick summaries and more from this beautiful app.
This app features the award-winning book on the Biography of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Ar-Raheequl Makhtum or Sealed Nectar by Sheikh Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarkpuri.

It also features the contents from the Prophetic Timeline project by MRDF (Muslim Research & Development Foundation) presenting a summarised account of the Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ life.

Why you should learn Seerah?
1. To learn the history of Islam
2. To love the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ from your heart
3. To understand the Quran
4. To worship Allah
5. To develop a Muslim identity
6. To defend the honour of the Prophet
7. To raise your hope, bring comfort to your heart and lift your Imaan

Here's What You Get:
● Beautiful Modern User Interface
● Life Events in chronological order divided into Eras
● Summary of Key Information: List of Famous Battles, Wives of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, Notable Conversions, and more.
● Lessons and Wisdoms: Benefit from the deeper meanings, wisdom, and lessons extracted from important historical events.
● Edicts & Rulings
● Multiple books
● Search
● No Ads

In sha Allah, many more to come along!

• Ar Raheequl Makhtum book by Sheikh Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarkpuri
• MRDF (Muslim Research & Development Foundation) for their Prophetic Timeline project contents
• Various brothers & sisters helping with the project. May Allah bless them all!

Share and Recommend this app to your friends and family. May Allah bless all of us in this world and the hereafter, Ameen!

"Whoever calls people to right guidance will have a reward like that of those who follow him..." - Sahih Muslim, Hadith 2674

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