Pregnancy Journey

Pregnancy Journey

(0 Reviews) March 14, 2023
Pregnancy Journey Pregnancy Journey Pregnancy Journey Pregnancy Journey Pregnancy Journey Pregnancy Journey

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March 14, 2023
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More About Pregnancy Journeylication

Pregnancy journey is an app containing all the features required for a pregnant woman, for her baby and also during motherhood.
This app have been made to meet the needs of a pregnant woman and to help her lessen her worries. Pregnancy journey is an app needed for all the woman embarking into motherhood.

This app will bring utmost features a women needs during her pregnancy, prenatal care and postnatal care. This app will be your friend during your journey to motherhood. This app will not only take care of a mother needs but also will look after her baby’s need and care.
The features of the Pregnancy journey:

- Reviewed by medical practitioner:
Blogs, articles and the content provided in this app has been reviewed by medical practitioner. So, don’t hesitate to rely on it and look out for the article and blog you need the most.

- Multilanguage availability:
This app will be available in multi-language. So, you can choose your native language and enjoy the app.

- Pregnancy Tracker:
This app has pregnancy tracker which will help to track your all the important details and symptoms. It will keep you update with your pregnancy progress and help to track down important details which you might forgot to notice.

- Daily quotes:
Every day is a new day so to make your day and to help you make an impactful day this app has daily quote. The daily quote comprises of motivational, funny and informational quotes.

- Mood tracker:
Pregnancy is a time when your emotions and moods are everywhere. It is a must to know your moods and what are the things triggering it. To help you this app has brought you mood tracker.

- Diet:
For a healthy baby you should have a healthy body and mind. Diet is an important factor in this. This app provides diet plans for all the pregnant women including vegetarian mother too. The diet plan has been reviewed by registered dietician. There will be baby diet plan up to 3 years. There is also diet based on different disease condition.

- Meditation and exercises:
A Healthy body and a healthy mind is a must during pregnancy. To keep you active, healthy and mindful there are exercises and meditation that a pregnant woman can do and feel refreshed and energized by it. There are meditation sound provided which you can use anytime you want to do meditation.

- Growth log with graph:
As your baby in womb is growing during pregnancy and to track it down there is growth log with graph which will show how your baby growth is progressing.

- Warning signs:
This app will also provide information regarding what not to do during pregnancy like exercises to avoid, diet not to take and things that you should be careful during the pregnancy.

- Baby tracker:
You can track your baby growth from this app. This app will give you information how your baby looks according to the week of pregnancy. Similarly, there is kick counter to measure kicks.

This app will also help you with your antenatal care. Similarly there is mother care where you will find antenatal visit, record of your visit to doctor, advices and belly care. There is a baby care section as well where from basic care of the baby to record of weight of the baby everything related to the baby can be found.

Some of the tools in this app for both mother and baby:

1. Tools (Calculator)
2. Weekly tracker: Weight calculator to see or analyze the progess of the baby (weekly calculation)
3. Diet
4. Exercise, yoga & medication
5. Blog post
6. Video section
7. Antenatal
8. Baby care after delivery (post natal care)
9. Note reminder (to do list)
10. Vaccination notification
11. Belly care
12. Warning signs
13. Drugs detail in pregnancy
14. Meal reminder
15. Things to avoid in pregnancy
16. Getting pregnant
17. Question answer section (if possible we can add the reply section by expert or any else)
18. FAQs
19. Daily quotes or thought

This app will meet all your demands and need hope you have a great journey with this app.

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